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Inspired by the classic and refined gentleman. At the heart of this fragrance is Wood, combined with the freshness of Grapefruit and the spiciness of Cardamom.

Our products are 100% alcohol-free pure perfume oils derived from ingredients that are sourced from around the world.

Our products are vegan and cruelty free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Alistair Woodford
This is well worth the money!

This fragrance is absolutely to die for. The scent is unbelievable and is best used for special occasions such as going out clubbing, going on a date etc. This scent lasts a very long time! I applied it on myself and my friend could still smell it the following day.

Greg Cerbana
Blind buy gone right!

I bought 4 for free shipping, glad I did! Girlfriend wants to spray it on her pillows, may just give her the 2nd bottle! Great smell and last pretty long

Marc Abboud
Best cologne I've found

I tried out a few woody colognes recently because I love the smell. this is the best! I am so glad I got it. It has those deep layered notes that make a Cologne smell expensive, rather than like a Abercrombie and fitch axe body spray mess. Love this one! I'll be trying out different scents from your store.

David Basso
Love this scent

Overall I was happy with my purchase. This was a blind buy but the scent is right in line with my preferred smells. I would buy again.

Oskar Leon
One of my favourites

This scent is now on my rotation. It gives fresh woodsy vibes. Doesn’t give me a headache but I can smell it for hours after I apply it.