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Fragrance that blends the crisp tones of rose and jasmine with the smooth finish of Oud, Amber and Cedar. This floral-fruity scent features notes of Rose, Jasmine and Amber.

Our products are 100% alcohol-free pure perfume oils derived from ingredients that are sourced from around the world.

Our products are vegan and cruelty free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Catherine Eiswerth
This fragrance “blew” me away

This fragrance is in my top 5. It is so beautiful and unique- it smells spicy and fruity while maintaining a freshness that makes it a great year-round scent! I’m very wary of staying power because lots of perfumes don’t last on me, HOWEVER this one lasts all day!!

Carmen Mick
This fragrance has it all!

Warm and spicy, with soft florals and oud. This fragrance has it all! I have been obsessed with this perfume for months and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I can justify wearing it any day, any season, on any occasion. I get more compliments when I wear this perfume than I do with any of the others in my collection. Just buy it!

Dee Pauletig

This fragrance has easily became my all time favourite. Even when spending the day at home, I apply a little on me just to catch a whiff of this scent. Highly highly recommend!

Freya Evans
Smells Rich

Love it. Very subtle and soothing, like someone very rich is wearing it!

Marina Lefilliatre
Beautiful subtle scent

I’m very picky with scents. I don’t like overly feminine, fruity, or floral scents and prefer musky, more subtle fragrances. I found my forever perfume in Flash's Aromatic. Staying power is good too. If i apply it in the evening, I can still subtly smell it the next morning. I love both how it smells when it’s first applied and how it smells on my skin.