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Fragrance that takes you back to the good times. It is a floral woody scent with notes of Musk, Rose and Vanilla. A tribute to your most treasured moments, this is a scent you'll never want to forget.

Our products are 100% alcohol-free pure perfume oils derived from ingredients that are sourced from around the world.

Our products are vegan and cruelty free.

Customer Reviews

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Hiba Shaalan

I was gifted this by my beloved sister who fell in love with it instantly. In my case, I took my sweet time with it. I am not much of a rose fan so I was disappointed when I first got it but then it started to grow on me. It works well with my body chemistry and my husband always compliments me whenever I wear it.

Nicole Goodman
Omgggggg Flash nailed this one 😱

I cant believe I have been sleeping on this one, well I still been missing on a lot but omg Im in love 😻 this is sooo airy and girlie and aromatic omg. You will not get a granma rose instead a luxurious rose and musk omg such a beautiful blend I cant this is so amazing Im getting a bottle!!

Mahtab Kiani
I like this, but I don't love it

I would probably buy a travel size but not a full bottle, and would probably use it for layering rather than by itself. The rose note is beautiful but the musk is a bit much for me and I wish it was tempered by something else.

Natasha Taylor
Last all day long 😊

The beauty is in simplicity, this is how I would describe the perfume. its such a different rosy perfume for me. I tried different rose perfumes like miss dior (which is too strong and sweet for me) or chloe (too powdery) but this one is perfect. You can really smell the rose but not sweet rose or powder rose, rose that its growing in the forest or garden without any chemicals. its a fresh musky rose . the projectivity is great (last all day), you can easily wear it during the day, in the office. this is pleasant smell which will not bother anyone, i would definitely purchase the bottle again!

Sharon Hollingsworth
My ideal feminine perfume!

Lots of designer rose perfumes make me feel nauseated but flash perfumery just blends everything perfectly for my nose!
If I didn't have a perfume collection, this would be my spring signature scent. Perfect for a first date where you just want to feel pretty!