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Fragrance that blends the crisp tones of pear and musk with the smooth finish of rose and jasmine. This floral-fruity scent features notes of cedar and amber.

Our products are 100% alcohol-free pure perfume oils derived from ingredients that are sourced from around the world.

Our products are vegan and cruelty free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Sarah Barabash
Nothing quite like it

I literally never write reviews but I felt the need to after I repurchased this for the third time. This is such a unique and amazing scent…there’s nothing quite like it. It is fruity but still warm. I have worn this everyday for the past three months and I still can’t get enough of it.

Taylor Lamb
Lasts forever

I first smelled this at my friend's place. I had never heard of Flash Perfumery BUT I WAS HOOKED! The scent is stunning in my opinion and lasts forever. It's seriously like nothing I have ever smelled before, and when I shop for a new fragrance I prefer something that doesn't smell too ordinary. Caribbean's scent is so calming, yet has punchy notes which poke out during the day.

Punam Dhaliwal
Sophisticated and Unique!

This is the most unique, beautiful and eccentric scent I’ve ever tried! I love how it is light, airy, but yet the Musky tones grounds it all, adding just enough maturity. It smells simple.. yet so detailed and sophisticated. I got complimented the first time I wore it out! For me personally, it starts off on my skin with an opening burst of light jammy fruits, combined with blossoming sweet, yet delicate florals. It’s fresh and sweet!

Michelle Strate

I absolutely LOVE this fragrance. I received it as a sample and fell in love right away. It lasts all day long, not over powering at all. It's a nice blend of scents. At first I smell fruits, then when smelling a little deeper, the scent of jasmine and musk fragrance comes out. It's different and complex, but so beautiful.

Sasha Hougen
Great perfume for work <3

Supper inoffensive light perfume. This is perfect for the everyday office use. This smells so good and unique I got so many compliments wearing this and people asking what perfume is that it’s amazing I highly recommend this!!